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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Commander Astar (n) 39DoomBlaze[1:101:12]
Commander Astar (n) 39DoomMoon[1:101:12m]
Commander Astar (n) 39DoomDeoxys[1:150:12]
Commander Astar (n) 39DoomMoon[1:150:12m]
Commander Astar (n) 39DoomSol[1:250:11]
Commander Astar (n) 39DoomMoon[1:250:11m]
Commander Astar38DoomSolgaleo[1:350:12]
Commander Astar38DoomMoon[1:350:12m]
Commander Astar42DoomLucario[2:175:4]
Commander Astar42DoomMoon[2:175:4m]
Commander Astar (n) 46DoomDialga[2:250:6]
Commander Astar (n) 46DoomMoon[2:250:6m]
Commander Astar (N) 40DoomFroste[3:250:8]
Commander Astar (N) 40DoomMoon[3:250:8m]
Commander Astar (n) 42DoomZekrom[4:91:12]
Commander Astar (n) 42DoomMoon[4:91:12m]
Commander Astar42DoomGreninja[5:349:8]
Commander Astar42DoomMoon[5:349:8m]
Commander Broadshaft67DoomMadison[2:86:5]
Commander Broadshaft67DoomAutum[2:87:5]
Commander Broadshaft (n) 64DoomRebekah[3:87:5]
Commander Broadshaft (n) 64DoomDaniel[3:93:5]
Commander Broadshaft66DoomGrace[4:96:5]
Commander Broadshaft (n) 66DoomCarly[4:98:5]
Commander Data (n) 61DoomLP163[1:114:11]
Commander Data (n) 61DoomLP195[1:114:12]
Commander Data (n) 61DoomLP147[1:128:11]
Commander Data (n) 61DoomLP237[1:128:5]
Commander James (n) 50DoomCeres 303[1:3:7]
Commander James (n) 50DoomBrutus 319[1:3:8]
Commander James (n) 50DoomAmun Ra 311[1:3:9]
Commander James (n) 50DoomAstar's Isis[1:3:9m]
Commander James (In) 51DoomLucifer 317[2:176:5]
Commander James (In) 51DoomLucinda[2:176:5m]
Commander James (In) 51DoomMadusa 317[2:176:6]
Commander James (In) 51DoomMoon of Astar[2:176:6m]
Commander James (In) 51DoomJakarta 269[2:176:7]
Commander James (n) 51DoomOphelia 287[3:57:1]
Commander James (n) 51DoomNecros 295[3:57:6]
Commander James (n) 51DoomNorse[3:57:6m]
Commander James (n) 51DoomPolaris 310[3:57:7]
Commander Justin Kace (n) 77DoomAmy[2:481:15]
Commander Justin Kace (n) 77DoomMike[2:482:6]
Commander Justin Kace81DoomAndy[9:480:11]
Commander Justin Kace81DoomClara[9:480:12]
Commander Lucas Trask (n) 68DoomHyde[1:3:12]
Commander Lucas Trask (n) 68DoomNorhair[1:3:12m]
Commander Lucas Trask (n) 68DoomInothinkso[1:3:3]
Commander Lucas Trask38DoomCohyust[2:3:1]
Commander Lucas Trask38DoomBetwixt[2:3:15]
Commander Lucas Trask38DoomFett's Moon[2:3:1m]
Commander Lucas Trask (n) 72DoomBeston[3:3:1]
Commander Lucas Trask (n) 72DoomBetawun[3:3:15]
Commander Lucas Trask (n) 39DoomAlmose[5:30:15]
Commander Parker (pn) 35Doombored[1:7:4]
Commander Parker (pn) 35Doombored[1:7:4m]
Commander Parker (n) 33DoomIt wasn't me[1:101:14]
Commander Parker (n) 33Doomor was it[1:101:14m]
Commander Parker (n) 33DoomSavage[1:150:9]
Commander Parker (n) 33DoomMoon[1:150:9m]
Commander Parker (n) 30DoomEmpire[1:250:8]
Commander Parker (n) 30DoomAN3[1:250:8m]
Commander Parker (N) 29DoomColony[1:350:7]
Commander Parker (N) 29DoomAN4[1:350:7m]
Commander Parker31DoomColonised[2:175:6]
Commander Parker31DoomFear 2[2:175:6m]
Commander Parker38Doom290[2:250:4]
Commander Parker38DoomWho's nicking my df[2:250:4m]
Commander Parker (N) 31DoomColony[3:250:4]
Commander Parker (N) 31DoomFEAR the Moon[3:250:4m]
Commander Parker46DoomColony[7:281:15]
Commander Parker46DoomA star[7:281:15m]
Deebo (n) 43DoomColony[1:235:5]
Deebo (n) 52DoomColony[1:355:1]
Deebo (n) 52DoomColony[3:355:7]
Deebo (n) 52DoomReaper's[3:355:7m]
Deebo (n) 52DoomColony[4:91:1]
Deebo (n) 62DoomColony[4:255:1]
Deebo (n) 52DoomColony[5:355:5]
Deebo (n) 58DoomColony[8:450:11]
Drone (n) 46DoomDunlop[2:479:7]
Drone (n) 46DoomMoon[2:479:7m]
Drone (n) 53DoomHunter[2:481:6]
Drone (n) 53DoomDickies[2:481:7]
drWHO 156241138Doomdoom136[1:74:13]
drWHO 156241138DoomMoon[1:74:13m]
drWHO 156241138DoomColony[1:127:14]
drWHO 156241138DoomMoon[1:127:14m]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 47Doom309[2:479:15]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 47DoomMoon[2:479:15m]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 43Doom292[4:91:2]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 43DoomMoon[4:91:2m]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 38DoomColony[5:348:5]
drWHO 156241143Doom271[5:349:1]
drWHO 156241143DoomMoon[5:349:1m]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 46DoomColony[8:450:1]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 46DoomColony[8:450:2]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 46DoomMoon[8:450:2m]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 46DoomColony[8:450:3]
drWHO 1562411 (n) 46DoomMoon[8:450:3m]
Galaxy Guardian45DoomEarth[1:128:10]
Galaxy Guardian45DoomPrometheus[1:128:1h]
Galaxy Guardian45DoomVulcan[1:128:4]
Galaxy Guardian45DoomDelta Vega[1:128:4m]
Galaxy Guardian45DoomVenus[1:129:4]
Galaxy Guardian45DoomOrion[1:130:5]
Galaxy Guardian (n) 49DoomCygnus X-1[1:131:4]
Galaxy Guardian45Doom005[1:132:5]
Galaxy Guardian45Doom008[1:140:4]
Galaxy Guardian45DoomLunar 8[1:140:4m]
Galaxy Guardian (n) 45Doom009[1:148:3]
Geezer 777 (n) 71DoomG2-305[2:243:5]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomArrakis[1:193:4]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomCaladan[2:278:4]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomMoon[2:278:4m]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomSalusa Secundus[2:480:6]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomWolf[2:480:6m]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomKaitain[3:50:6]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomMoon[3:50:6m]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomIX[4:92:4]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomMoon[4:92:4m]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomGiede Prime[4:92:6]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomJunction[5:347:6]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomDellta Kaising[5:348:4]
Little Horse (in) 13DoomHell Hound[5:348:4m]
Marco Fett (n) 46Doom312gg[1:31:5]
Marco Fett (n) 46DoomMoon[1:31:5m]
Marco Fett (n) 46DoomColony[1:31:6]
Marco Fett (n) 46DoomFrsdhj[1:31:7]
Marco Fett (n) 52Doom{:":^#}[2:479:11]
Marco Fett (n) 52DoomMoon[2:479:11m]
Marco Fett (n) 52DoomColony[2:479:3]
Marco Fett (n) 52DoomMoon[2:479:3m]
Marco Fett (n) 48DoomHOTH[5:349:4]
Marco Fett (n) 48DoomMoon[5:349:4m]
Marco Fett (n) 48DoomColony[5:349:6]
Marco Fett (n) 53DoomTr304[8:450:6]
Marco Fett (n) 53DoomMoon[8:450:6m]
Marco Fett (n) 53DoomColony[8:450:8]
Morgan Park (n) 62DoomGoodfellowship Club[1:9:11]
Morgan Park (n) 62DoomSteei Plant[1:9:14]
Morgan Park (n) 55DoomColony[1:53:1]
Morgan Park (n) 63DoomWildcats[2:479:6]
Morgan Park62DoomRiverside[3:181:4]
Morgan Park62DoomColony[3:181:6]
Morgan Park62DoomOlney[3:320:3]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 48DoomRiverrun[1:66:6]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 48DoomThanks Marco Fett[1:66:6m]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 48DoomKings Landing[2:164:4]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 48DoomDreadfort[2:164:5]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me!51DoomHarrenhel[3:255:8]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 58DoomWinterfell[4:293:4]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 58DoomDragonstone[4:293:6]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 58DoomThanks Overlord!!![4:293:6m]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 51DoomEyire[5:275:6]
My Wife is Gonna Kill Me! (n) 51DoomCasterly Rock[5:275:8]
Overlord (n) 41DoomColony[1:52:5]
Overlord (n) 42DoomColony[1:166:4]
Overlord (n) 42DoomMoon[1:166:4m]
Overlord (n) 42DoomColony[1:166:8]
Overlord (n) 45DoomBristly Boy[4:20:1]
Overlord (n) 45DoomMoon[4:20:1m]
Overlord (n) 45DoomColony[4:20:4]
Overlord (n) 45DoomColony[4:20:5]
Overlord (n) 45DoomColony[4:20:6]
Overlord (n) 45DoomColony[4:20:7]
Pheonix (n) 71DoomColony[3:250:11]
Pheonix (n) 71DoomHellena[3:250:3]
Reaper's Queen (n) 47DoomPac[5:70:4]
Reaper's Queen (n) 47DoomDr.WhoMoon[5:70:4m]
Reaper's Queen (n) 47DoomDelta[5:70:6]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomCECA[1:162:15]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomColony[1:162:2]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomColony[1:162:3]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomColony[1:162:4]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomMoon[1:162:4m]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomColony[1:162:6]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomShadow[1:190:4]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomMoon[1:190:4m]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomColony[1:190:5]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomColony[1:190:7]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomTURIJA[1:190:8]
TireurD^elite (n) 24DoomMoon[1:190:8m]