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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (n) 23Rebels 3Curtiss[1:57:15]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (n) 23Rebels 3Indigo[1:57:15m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (n) 26Rebels 3Danika[1:250:15]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (n) 26Rebels 3Moon[1:250:15m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa26Rebels 3Preston[2:251:15]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa26Rebels 3Moon[2:251:15m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (N) 28Rebels 3Mason/Hannah[3:249:15]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (N) 28Rebels 3Moon[3:249:15m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (N) 25Rebels 3Perry/Nolan[4:250:14]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (N) 25Rebels 3Moon[4:250:14m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa28Rebels 3Trinity[5:250:13]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa28Rebels 3Moon[5:250:13m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (p) 42Rebels 3Izzy/Ayden[6:250:15]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa (p) 42Rebels 3Who cares![6:250:15m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa40Rebels 3Jeremiah[7:250:14]
Adm Yo Yo Dot’s Grandpa40Rebels 3Moon[7:250:14m]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 60Rebels 3Colony[1:129:6]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 60Rebels 3Colony[1:131:10]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 60Rebels 3Colony[1:131:14]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 60Rebels 3Colony[1:131:6]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 60Rebels 3Ozondio Alpha 2 Omega[1:141:13]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 75Rebels 3Colony[1:151:13]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 60Rebels 3Colony[1:158:1]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 63Rebels 3Colony[4:300:11]
Alpha 2 Omega Stephanio (n) 67Rebels 3Colony[4:302:3]
bigbill (n) 81Rebels 3SMITH[1:23:12]
bigbill (n) 72Rebels 3Raleigh[1:96:13]
bigbill (n) 72Rebels 3Lions[1:96:14]
bigbill (n) 72Rebels 3Wayne[1:96:15]
bigbill (n) 72Rebels 3Four[1:400:12]
bigbill (n) 72Rebels 3Tigers[1:400:14]
bigbill (n) 72Rebels 3Beat[1:400:2]
Buttercup (n) 21Rebels 3Howshegoin[1:66:13]
Buttercup (n) 21Rebels 3Moon[1:66:13m]
Buttercup (n) 21Rebels 3Mt. Taranaki[1:400:13]
Buttercup (n) 21Rebels 3PipMoon[1:400:13m]
Buttercup (n) 21Rebels 3Korbel[2:300:4]
Buttercup (n) 21Rebels 3I M[2:300:4m]
Buttercup24Rebels 3Jinx[2:340:11]
Buttercup24Rebels 3Montoya[2:340:11m]
Buttercup22Rebels 3Motorbreath[2:400:12]
Buttercup22Rebels 3The Sign of Living Fast[2:400:12m]
Buttercup (n) 24Rebels 3Tha Bridge[4:301:6]
Buttercup (N) 27Rebels 3Fuck Me[5:299:11]
Buttercup25Rebels 3BTU[8:199:9]
Buttercup25Rebels 3Moon[8:199:9m]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Colony[1:56:10]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3BM'S Moon[1:56:10m]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Colony[1:96:7]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Space Cadet's Moon[1:96:7m]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Colony[1:179:1]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Space Cadet's/2nd[1:179:1m]
Captain James T Kirk (i) 11Rebels 3Colony[1:245:5]
Captain James T Kirk (i) 11Rebels 3Remorhaz's moon[1:245:5m]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Colony[1:322:1]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Razor Ramone[1:322:1m]
Captain James T Kirk (i) 11Rebels 3Colony[1:399:11]
Captain James T Kirk (i) 11Rebels 3Apollo's Creed[1:399:11m]
Captain James T Kirk (i) 11Rebels 3Colony[1:399:9]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Colony[2:300:12]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Moon[2:300:12m]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Colony[10:399:2]
Captain James T Kirk9Rebels 3Moon[10:399:2m]
Commander Beowulf (n) 42Rebels 3Colony[1:400:1]
Commander Beowulf (n) 42Rebels 3Colony[1:400:7]
Commander Beowulf (n) 42Rebels 3Moon[1:400:7m]
Commander Beowulf (n) 49Rebels 3Colony[2:399:1]
Commander Beowulf (n) 49Rebels 3Moon[2:399:1m]
Commander Beowulf (n) 43Rebels 3CHINA BLUE[2:400:3]
Commander Beowulf (n) 43Rebels 3WEDGEWOOD[2:400:3m]
Commander Beowulf48Rebels 3M*A*S*H[6:250:1]
Commander Beowulf48Rebels 34077th[6:250:1m]
Commander Beowulf44Rebels 3704 Hauser Street[7:200:1]
Commander Beowulf44Rebels 3Archie Bunker's Place[7:200:1m]
Commander Beowulf47Rebels 3Colony[7:201:1]
Commander Beowulf47Rebels 3Moon[7:201:1m]
Commander JAG (n) 55Rebels 3Colony[1:56:2]
Commander JAG (n) 55Rebels 3Colony[1:56:3]
Commander JAG (n) 55Rebels 3Home nova 3[1:56:4]
Commander JAG (n) 55Rebels 3Colony[1:56:8]
Commander JAG (n) 70Rebels 3Colony[2:398:2]
Commander JAG (n) 70Rebels 3Colony[2:398:3]
Commander JAG (n) 70Rebels 3Colony[2:398:4]
Commander JAG (n) 70Rebels 3Colony[2:398:5]
Commander JAG (n) 71Rebels 3Colony[2:399:2]
Commander jpclass (n) 84Rebels 3yx05[1:19:11]
Commander jpclass (n) 84Rebels 3Moon 05[1:19:11m]
Commander jpclass (n) 83Rebels 3yx04[1:22:12]
Commander jpclass (n) 83Rebels 3yX10[1:22:9]
Commander jpclass (n) 66Rebels 3yx02[1:23:8]
Commander jpclass (n) 66Rebels 3yx01[1:23:9]
Commander jpclass (n) 83Rebels 3x06[1:24:8]
Commander jpclass (n) 66Rebels 3yx07[1:25:10]
Commander jpclass (n) 83Rebels 3yx08[1:26:7]
Commander jpclass (n) 83Rebels 3yx09[1:27:6]
Commander jpclass (n) 83Rebels 3Moon 09[1:27:6m]
Commander MadZX (in) 52Rebels 30.6M4dZX[8:199:13]
Commander MadZX (in) 52Rebels 30.6 Oh Bulan![8:199:13m]
Commander MadZX (in) 52Rebels 30.3M4dZX[8:199:15]
Commander MadZX (in) 52Rebels 30.5 Oh Bulan![8:199:15m]
Drakaina (in) 39Rebels 3Colony[1:37:15]
Drakaina (in) 39Rebels 3Moon[1:37:15m]
Drakaina (in) 39Rebels 3CrapH2[1:37:8]
Drakaina (in) 39Rebels 3Moon[1:37:8m]
Drakaina (in) 42Rebels 3Colony[5:250:14]
Drakaina (in) 42Rebels 3Moon[5:250:14m]
Drakaina47Rebels 3Colony[6:250:13]
Drakaina47Rebels 3Moon[6:250:13m]
Drakaina47Rebels 3Colony[6:250:2]
Drakaina47Rebels 3Moon[6:250:2m]
Drakaina (n) 45Rebels 3Colony C[10:33:1]
Drakaina (n) 45Rebels 3Colony H[10:33:15]
Drakaina (n) 45Rebels 3Colony[10:33:3]
Drakaina (n) 45Rebels 3Colony[10:33:9]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Yellow[1:401:6]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Moon[1:401:6m]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Orange[2:299:5]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Orange Moon[2:299:5m]
Drawz (N) 17Rebels 3Purple Tiger Stripe[2:400:5]
Drawz (N) 17Rebels 3P.T.S. Moon[2:400:5m]
Drawz (N) 20Rebels 3Darkblue[3:201:5]
Drawz (N) 20Rebels 3Moon[3:201:5m]
Drawz (N) 18Rebels 3Colony[4:300:13]
Drawz (N) 18Rebels 3Camo Moon[4:300:13m]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Colony[5:298:4]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Moon[5:298:4m]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Colony[5:298:5]
Drawz (n) 18Rebels 3Yellow Pink Moon[5:298:5m]
Drawz (N) 19Rebels 3Colony[5:299:12]
Drawz (N) 19Rebels 3Moon[5:299:12m]
Drawz (n) 19Rebels 3Colony[6:299:4]
Drawz (n) 19Rebels 3Earthy Moon[6:299:4m]
Droid (N) 17Rebels 3Bomber Command[2:25:8]
Droid (N) 17Rebels 3Ramming Speed[2:25:8m]
Droid (n) 16Rebels 3Strike Command[2:71:15]
Droid (n) 16Rebels 3Nail Punch[2:71:15m]
Droid (n) 17Rebels 3Coastal Command[2:137:5]
Droid (n) 17Rebels 3Eagles Eye[2:137:5m]
Droid (N) 17Rebels 3Air Support Command[2:150:8]
Droid (N) 17Rebels 3Trig Point[2:150:8m]
Droid (N) 17Rebels 3Support Command[2:190:15]
Droid (N) 17Rebels 3Counter Sink[2:190:15m]
Droid16Rebels 3Reserve Command[2:260:14]
Droid16Rebels 3Lighthouse[2:260:14m]
Droid16Rebels 3Signals Command[2:321:14]
Droid16Rebels 3Up Periscope[2:321:14m]
Droid (n) 16Rebels 3Balloon Command[2:392:10]
Droid (n) 16Rebels 3Sniper[2:392:10m]
Droid16Rebels 3Fighter Command[2:460:6]
Droid16Rebels 3Spy Drone[2:460:6m]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Colony[4:72:6]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Moon[4:72:6m]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Colony[5:250:10]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Moon[5:250:10m]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Colony[6:199:7]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Moon[6:199:7m]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Colony[7:225:7]
EZ (I) 26Rebels 3Moon[7:225:7m]
Greyslayer (n) 31Rebels 3Wanderer[1:131:13h]
Greyslayer (n) 31Rebels 3Glacious[1:131:15]
Greyslayer (n) 31Rebels 3Burg[1:131:15m]
Greyslayer (N) 35Rebels 3Hyliose[2:156:15]
Greyslayer (N) 35Rebels 3Trillium[2:156:15m]
Greyslayer (N) 35Rebels 3Trinium[3:147:13]
Greyslayer (N) 35Rebels 3Dutirium[3:147:13m]
Greyslayer (n) 34Rebels 3Muon[4:57:13]
Greyslayer (n) 34Rebels 3Quarx[4:57:13m]
Greyslayer (n) 34Rebels 3Zephram[5:170:15]
Greyslayer (n) 34Rebels 3Kockren[5:170:15m]
Greyslayer33Rebels 3Inconceivable[6:250:9]
Greyslayer33Rebels 3Fezzik[6:250:9m]
Greyslayer35Rebels 3Galvin[7:250:13]
Greyslayer35Rebels 3Silium[7:250:13m]
Greyslayer35Rebels 3Void[8:250:13]
Greyslayer35Rebels 3NOTHING[8:250:13m]
Greyslayer (N) 34Rebels 3Abyss[9:54:14]
Greyslayer (N) 34Rebels 3Black Water[9:54:14m]
Henno (n) 28Rebels 31250[1:250:13]
Henno (n) 28Rebels 3Moon[1:250:13m]
Henno (n) 27Rebels 31400[1:400:6]
Henno (n) 27Rebels 3Moon[1:400:6m]
Henno29Rebels 32250[2:250:14]
Henno29Rebels 32250m[2:250:14m]
Henno27Rebels 33250[3:250:13]
Henno27Rebels 33250m[3:250:13m]
Henno (N) 27Rebels 34250[4:250:15]
Henno (N) 27Rebels 34250m[4:250:15m]
Henno (i) 28Rebels 34300[4:300:5]
Henno (i) 28Rebels 3Moon[4:300:5m]
Henno (N) 28Rebels 36250[6:250:14]
Henno (N) 28Rebels 36250m[6:250:14m]
Henno (N) 26Rebels 37250[7:250:15]
Henno (N) 26Rebels 37250m[7:250:15m]
Henno (N) 26Rebels 38250[8:250:15]
Henno (N) 26Rebels 38250m[8:250:15m]
Hyalucent (I) 36Rebels 3Beachworld[5:299:8]
Hyalucent (I) 36Rebels 3Kamelland[5:299:8m]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamel Toe Too[1:209:4]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3The Kamels Moon[1:209:4m]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamel Toe[2:132:2]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamels Eye in the Sky[2:132:2m]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Colony[2:132:6]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Moon[2:132:6m]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamel Bar and Grill[2:200:5]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Luna Kamel[2:200:5m]
KamelKockMan (N) 6Rebels 3KAMEL TOW[4:300:6]
KamelKockMan (N) 6Rebels 3Moon[4:300:6m]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamels Krib[6:250:3]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamels Korn[6:250:3m]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamel Hut[6:250:5]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Kamels Sky Spy Eye[6:250:5m]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Colony[8:199:3]
KamelKockMan (N) 7Rebels 3Remorhaz‎'s Kamel Moon[8:199:3m]
Mangus (n) 36Rebels 3Colony[1:59:4]
Mangus (n) 36Rebels 3Moon[1:59:4m]
Mangus (n) 36Rebels 3Colony[1:400:4]
Mangus (n) 36Rebels 3Moon[1:400:4m]
Mangus (n) 36Rebels 3Colony[2:300:7]
Mangus37Rebels 3Colony[3:200:2]
Mangus37Rebels 3Moon[3:200:2m]
Mangus46Rebels 3Colony[5:299:6]
Mangus (N) 39Rebels 3Colony[7:200:7]
Mangus39Rebels 3Colony[8:199:8]
Mangus (N) 36Rebels 3Colony[10:299:8]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Roaring Flame[1:96:8]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Chandra's Defeat[1:96:8m]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Cunning Castaway[1:153:6]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Moon[1:153:6m]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Defiant Necromancer[1:196:8]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Liliana's Caress[1:196:8m]
RD5 (N) 22Rebels 3Unraveler of Secrets[1:353:12]
RD5 (N) 22Rebels 3Remorhaz's Tiki Lounge[1:353:12m]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Master of the Depths[1:400:11]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Kiora's Bar and Lounge[1:400:11m]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3God-Pharoah[1:400:8]
RD5 (n) 22Rebels 3Remorhaz was here[1:400:8m]
RD5 (N) 25Rebels 3*Rebelsville[5:299:15]
RD5 (N) 25Rebels 3Moon[5:299:15m]
RD5 (N) 25Rebels 3NovaVille[6:250:12]
RD5 (N) 25Rebels 3Moon[6:250:12m]
RD5 (n) 23Rebels 3Death Wielder[6:299:11]
RD5 (n) 23Rebels 3Liliana's Mastery[6:299:11m]
Red3mption (n) 46Rebels 3And So It Begins[1:96:5]
Red3mption (n) 46Rebels 3TheKingdomisNear[1:96:9]
Red3mption (n) 46Rebels 3For the Rebel in U.[1:96:9m]
Red3mption (n) 46Rebels 3Redeemer[1:109:2]
Red3mption (n) 46Rebels 3True self shown thru[1:109:2m]
Red3mption (n) 48Rebels 3Risen[2:299:8]
Red3mption (n) 48Rebels 3M4-Rifle[2:299:8m]
Red3mption (n) 48Rebels 3Colony[4:300:12]
Red3mption (n) 48Rebels 3The Cross[4:300:8]
Red3mption (n) 48Rebels 3Follow Me...Follow Me.[4:300:8m]
Red3mption (n) 48Rebels 3So shall he Reap[4:301:8]
Red3mption (n) 48Rebels 3Ykcohc duck sicker[4:301:8m]
Red3mption47Rebels 3Savior[7:200:6]
Red3mption47Rebels 3Moon[7:200:6m]
Red3mption47Rebels 3N4CER[10:92:8]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3I Blame My Mother[1:102:4]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3Moon[1:102:4m]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3Lillith[1:401:10]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3Liveware Problem[1:401:10m]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3Beta Omicron Delta IV[1:401:4]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3Kirk's Folly[1:401:4m]
Remorhaz3Rebels 3Unwitting Accomplice[2:130:15]
Remorhaz3Rebels 3Reformed Nice Guy[2:130:15m]
Remorhaz (N) 2Rebels 3Big Sexy Beast[2:300:11]
Remorhaz (N) 2Rebels 3Size Isn't Everything[2:300:11m]
Remorhaz (N) 3Rebels 3Cerberus[3:200:13]
Remorhaz (N) 3Rebels 3Moon[3:200:13m]
Remorhaz (N) 5Rebels 3Teething Problems[4:300:7]
Remorhaz (N) 5Rebels 3Luck's Present[4:300:7m]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3Frank Exchange of Views[7:200:3]
Remorhaz (N) 4Rebels 3Moon[7:200:3m]
Remorhaz (N) 2Rebels 3I Blame The Parents[10:299:5]
Remorhaz (N) 2Rebels 3Mistake Not…[10:299:5m]
Selroy41Rebels 3Colony[1:26:3]
Selroy41Rebels 3Moon[1:26:3m]
Selroy (n) 38Rebels 3Colony[1:400:3]
Selroy (n) 38Rebels 3Moon[1:400:3m]
Selroy (n) 40Rebels 3Colony[2:299:9]
Selroy (n) 38Rebels 3Colony[2:300:8]
Selroy (n) 42Rebels 3Colony[2:399:9]
Selroy (n) 42Rebels 3Moon[2:399:9m]
Selroy44Rebels 3Colony[5:299:10]
Selroy44Rebels 3Moon[5:299:10m]
Selroy44Rebels 3Colony[5:299:9]
Selroy44Rebels 3Moon[5:299:9m]
Selroy (n) 40Rebels 3Colony[6:299:1]
Selroy (n) 40Rebels 3Moon[6:299:1m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Trade Hydro/Credits[1:158:4]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 35000 credits gets[1:158:4m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 31000T Hydro - DM Me-->[1:158:5]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Moon[1:158:5m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Shiplandia[1:158:6]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Moon[1:158:6m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Shiplandia[1:158:9]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Moon[1:158:9m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Colony[1:159:5]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Moon[1:159:5m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Colony[1:159:6]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Remourse[1:159:6m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Shiplandia[2:110:15]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Moon[2:110:15m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Colony[2:110:5]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Moon[2:110:5m]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Colony[10:299:6]
shipdoctor (N) 1Rebels 3Moon[10:299:6m]